Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela and the Tower of Hercules.

One June 18, we took a train from A Coruna to visit the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela . The original church was built in 829 AD and it is reputed to be the  burial-place of Saint James the Greater, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. Because of the connection of Saint James, it has been a major pilgrimage route since the Early Middle Ages and the city was full of pilgrims who have walked the route, some up to 500 miles. We had the ability to get up in to the beautiful 12th century Pórtico da Gloria which is very hard to see from the outside currently due to the scaffolding. Back in A Coruna, we visited the Tower of Hercules. The lighthouse in this location was originally built by the Romans in the 1st century AD and the original tower was 41.5 meters high. The most recent upgrade of the tower was carried out in 1788 when the facades were added to the original Roman lighthouse and is now 59 meters high. In 2009 it was declared a World Heritage Site.


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