Balbao, Spain

After a 24 hour sail from L’ile d’Yeu on the coast of France, we arrived in the marina of Getxo to spend several days in Bilbao. Initially when we left France, there was no wind so we motored for most of the day. An expected storm arrived just after dinner and we were ready for the wind and the rain. What we were not ready for was the lightning that came with storm! Luckily, most of the lighting strikes were cloud-to-cloud not cloud-to-sea (or boat). We had not been in a lighting storm for years and it was uncomfortable but luckily the boat and the crew survived with no problem. There is a metro station near the marina in Getxo which takes you into Bilbao in about 20 minutes. Once you are there, it is an easy town to get around in and the top tourist attraction is the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, a great modern building full of incredible modern and contemporary art. The medieval neighborhood of Bilbao, Casco Viejo, has great bars and restaurants and was a wonderful walking area with an amazing fish market right off at the river.

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